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Bill is happily married to his wife Kathy. Born and raised in Waterford, Erie County,  Bill attended Fort Leboeuf High School and Edinboro University earning a degree in mathematics. Bill worked at Erie's General Electric plant before taking early retirement. 

Defending the Interests of Local Taxpayers

Elected to Erie County Council in 2009, Bill was a budget hawk and was publicly applauded at public meetings for being a staunch defender of the taxpayer’s interest. Bill voted against increasing spending more than the other six members of council combined. He will bring the same commitment to Congress. 

Bill pledges that unlike some members of Congress, he will hold public meetings with his constituents. He will work to end crony capitalism, eliminate the federal income tax, shut down the NSA, the TSA and end mass surveillance, end the failed policy of drug prohibition, downsize the military, localize education, fully restore the right of self-defense. He will work to expand health freedom to make it affordable, safe, and effective. He believes we need to replace privileged government pensions with social security, impose term limits, replace government meddling in money with marketplace discipline, never expand big government and require government financial transparency. 

Ebert Beeman's Statement about the Congressional Debate

Ebert Beeman's Statement about the Congressional Debate (pdf)


The Issues in this campaign.

These are the issues we are  championing.  Please notice that unlike the fluff with no substance you'll see on our opponents pages, these are real issues. With real solutions to real problems. 

The One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA)

This is an actual piece of legislation that Bill will introduce when he gets to Congress. It deals with one of the big problems that is driving our debt and government waste, the fact that acts of legislation are just jammed packed with everything under the sun and are so large that no one even reads them.  Which brings us to...

The Read the Bills Act (RTBA)

This is a piece of legislation that will address the problem of Congress passing laws without reading them.  

It will require that:

  • Every bill be read before a quorum in both chambers (House and Senate) – that’s 50% plus one of the members. 
  • Each member wanting to vote YES must sign an affidavit stating that he or she has read every word of that bill.
  • Each bill must be posted on the Internet 7-days prior to a vote so that you and other Americans can have time to read and comment.
  • Every amendment to existing law must quote both the existing text and the new text that will replace it. This will make it easier to “read the bill,” for both Congress and you.
  • Courts cannot hold you responsible for any measures “passed” in violation of the RTBA provisions.

The Write the Laws Act (WTLA)

This is a piece of legislation that fixes a long-time constitutional violation. Only Congress has the constitutional power to impose regulations, essentially laws. But Congress has delegated much of that power to unelected bureaucrats in Executive Branch agencies. Those agencies impose thousands of rules on you, none of which Congress wrote, read, debated, or approved. This clearly violates the constitutional Separation of Powers. Downsize DC’s “Write the Laws Act” (WTLA) will fix that problem by requiring that…

  • Every rule imposed on you must be written and passed solely by Congress, with no details left to bureaucrats. No more legislation without representation!
  • You must be held blameless against any “rules” created in violation of this requirement.
  • Congress must identify previous grants of legislative power to bureaucrats so they can be repealed or approved by the Legislative Branch.

Universal Charitable Credit Act

Ever think you could do a better job of directing spending than Congress does? So does Bill!

This single subject, two-page bill will give you a $500 tax credit ($1,000 for a married couple) for contributions made to any non-profit charitable organization. 

Free Competition in Currency Act

This simple piece of legislation would  would repeal the legal tender law. This change would end the Federal Reserve’s currency monopoly. Americans could then use whatever they want for currency (gold, Bitcoins, sea-shells) not just Federal Reserve Notes. 


  • The Honest Money section repeals the legal tender law.
  • The Competitive Currency section repeals the government’s coinage monopoly.
  • The Tax-Free Gold section prohibits federal and state taxes on precious metal coins and bullion.

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