The Insider.

At the Studio

We had an interview with WICU TV 12 today. WICU/WSEE/Lilly Broadcasting has been very fair to us treating us the same as the other candidates. Highly appreciated.

The Lobby!

We hung around out here till our interview. 

Interviewed by Lisa Adams


This was an interview with all three of the candidates in the 16th Congressional District race for the WICU/WSEE public affairs program "The Insider", conducted on Wednesday morning, October 24.

Per prior agreement, each of the three candidates on the ballot in the upcoming election had about a 7:30 (7 minutes 30 secs) one on one interview with Lisa Adams, host of the program.

Interviewed by Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams interviewed Ebert Beeman about the campaign, and issues affecting the voters of the 16th District.
The program will air at:

  • WICU: Sunday at 11 a.m. after NBC's Meet the Press
  • WSEE: Saturday at 12:30 p.m., Sunday at 7 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.
  • CW: Sunday at 6 a.m.

Campaigning at Muslim City Fest: Fall Festival- Erie, PA

Ready to Go

We had everything laid out and ready to go.

Passing out Fliers

We passed out our fliers to as many people as we could.

Meeting People

People were happy to hear what we had to say and we were happy to meet them.

Spreading the Word

We talked to as many people as we could. Even if they couldn't talk to us at the time, many people came and talked to us later.

More Choices

People were glad to be offered another choice.

People were Receptive

People actually wanted to talk to us. Guess they knew we weren't politics as usual.

Access to the Candidates

Cable Access Television Studio

We had the opportunity the record a segment for CATV's  Access to the Candidates program.

Inside the Studio

This is the inside of the studio. That round table is where we were recorded at.

Just before Recording

Bill getting ready for our recording session.

Our Video.

Access to the Candidates Video.

Filing the Debate Exclusion Complaint to the FEC

Getting it Notarized

Per FEC regulations, we had to have the complaint notarized. Unlike some people, WE follow FEC regulations.

Formal Complaint

Bill signs the complaint to the FEC reporting the  illegal, in-kind contributions to the old party campaigns under the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 .


Getting  the letter notarized by Erie County Election Supervisor Kimberly Alexander as required by the FEC. 

Signed Off!

 Election Supervisor Kimberly Alexander  signing the notarization stamp.

Mailing the Complaint

We then mailed the  complaint  to the FEC at the U S Post Office on 14th and State Streets in Erie.

Our Complaint to the FEC

Complaint to the FEC 1 (pdf)


At the Fake Debate

Passing out Truth Bombs!

The sponsors could keep him out, but they couldn't keep Bill down!


People didn't just take the Beeman Campaigns fliers, they read them.


So many people were taking Bill's fliers, he had trouble keeping up.

Bill vs the "Man".

They sent out campus cops to intimidate the Beeman campaign, but they were undaunted.

Staying Power!

They could break the law and pervent Bill from speaking at the debate but he was actually they longer than the other candidates were.