Ken Krawchuk for Governor Rally with Ebert Beeman

Literature Table

We had our literature set up with Ken Krawchuk's and Dale Kerns


The Media can't get enough of Libertarians!

Talking to supporters

Bill and Ken talk to supporters.

Sign of the Times

Ken Krawchuk in Erie. Is this the beginning of the Libertarian Moment?

Literature drop at the Boston Store


Bill talks to a veterans organizer about an event for Veterans.

Working the Crowd

Bill had to hustle to keep up with all the people.

Passing out Literature

We passed out so much literature we actually ran out. We will have to bring more next time.

Considerable Interest

People were definitely interested in Bills message.

Meeting Voters

Bill was able to meet a lot of voters.

National Voter Registration Day

Perry Square Main Stage

The main stage was tricked out for Voter Registration Day.

Talking to Voters

Bill talks to voters about voting issues.

Our Gear

We had Voter Registration Forms, hard copies of our debate petition (sign online here) palm cards and our literature.

Reaching Across Party Lines

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman talks with  Erie City Council member Kathy Schaaf about the importance of voter registration.


Bill hands out a palm card to an interested voter.

Rain or Shine

We didn't let a little rain stop us.

Butler County

Meet the Press.

After visiting the Butler County Courthouse we stopped by the Butler Eagle. They were "busy" but said they would give us a call.

Sorry we don't have more pictures from Butler but our battery was getting low. Hopefully our next visit will go a bit better.

Lawrence County

Meet the Press!

Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman being interviewed by the New Castle News.

Getting the files

Here we see Bill getting the list of super voters in Lawrence County.

Talking to Veterans

While campaigning in New Castle, Bill met a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They discussed how the VA is failing our veterans and the need for better services for them.

Talking to the Public

Bill met a lot of voters and talked about their concerns.

Passing out Literature

Some people didn't have time to talk but we were able to give them our card so they could check out the campaign later.

1 on 1

Bill was glad to meet with the public and talk about the issues.

Mercer County

We weren't able to do much in Mercer County because it was the middle of the daty and people have to work. We missed the interview with the Sharon Herald but hope to do one this weekend.

Sitting Down to Lunch

We sat down to lunch and Bill listened to a couple of people in the area.

Working the Phone.

Bill speaks to staff about the logistics of the rest of the visit.

Crawford County

Meet the Press!

Bill does an interview with the Meadville Tribune.

Meeting Voters

Bill talks to a voter about their concerns in Diamond Park in Meadville.

Meeting Supporters

Bill meets with members of the Crawford County Libertarian Party.

On our Grand Tour of the District

Heading Out

Just about ready to leave on our Grand Tour of the District.

Fueling Up.

Topping off the tank for the long drive.

On the Road

And we're off! Next stop, the Crawford County Courthouse.

At The Path to Redrawing PA's Districts Event

We paid a visit to the Path to Redrawing PA's Districts event in the Waldron Campus Center at Gannon University. 

Lots of concerned voters were there to learn about one of the many ways the Republicrats have gamed the system to deny people a voice in their government.

We were able to talk to them, pass out our literature and hear their concerns.

At the Memorials in West Perry Square

The Beeman for Congress Campaign team meet before the event in Perry Square.

Bill took the opportunity to look over the memorials  in the park. 

Before the event

Lots of people turned out for what proved to be an informative presentation. No other candidates were there.

Students getting a real world Education

The event was well attended especially by Gannon Students. 

Passing out literature

Bill met with voters and listened to their concerns on  Gerrymandering and other issues.

Listening to voters

Bill is always ready to speak with voters. He does it now and he will do it when he's elected.

At the Immigration Demonstration/Petition Delivery Rally

Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman was proud to sign the Petition

Text of the Petition:

"Congress has failed to reunify 559 immigrant children with their families. That’s 559 children orphaned because of the U.S. government’s zero-tolerance policy, and their inability to hold DHS and ICE accountable for separating and detaining immigrant and asylum-seeking families. Congress has done nothing to fix our immigration system, DACA, or the zero-tolerance policy."

The Rally for the Immigrant Children

 Over 600 petitions, one for each child still separated from family, were delivered to Congressman Mike Kelly’s office during this demonstration.  We were proud to be among them.

Passing out Campaign Literature

"Ebert G “Bill” Beeman believes that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States."

Turning in the Petitions

Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman on his way to make his voice heard.

Outside the Incumbents office.

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman outside Kelly's office.

Kelly Hates Free Speech

Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman making his voice heard on the issue. Sadly we couldn't get a clear picture because Kelly's office staff have never heard of the First Amendment.

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman's Immigration Campaign Flier

Mike-Kelly-on-Immigration (docx)


At the Albion Fair

Dropping campaign literature at the Fair.

Talking to voters.

Voters are happy to meet Bill.

Don't be a sheep! Vote Ebert G. Bill" Beeman for Congress.

At the 9/11 Memorial Service

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman at the 9/11 Memorial Service at the Blasco Library.

The American Flag suspended between two tower fire trucks at the 9/11 Memorial Service at the Blasco Library.

9/11 Memorial Service at the Blasco Library

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman  observing a moment of silence at the 9/11 Memorial  Service. 

Meeting voters at the Waterford Fair

At the Waterford Fair

The Ebert Beeman for Congress Campaign came to the Waterford Fair to meet voters, talk about issues and pass out some literature. Unlike some candidates, Bill Beeman isn't afraid to meet people.

Talking to Voters

Bill talks to voters about issues. 

Hearing Their Real Concerns

Bill cares about the voters problems and listens to their concerns. When he's elected he will be available whenever possible, not just at election time. 

Happy to Meet Bill

Voters were happy to see  a candidate for Congress in a real rather than staged setting. 

Announcement Speech at Perry Square in Erie

 Ebert G "Bill" Beeman Speaks to the press. 

 Ebert G "Bill" Beeman answers questions from the press. 

 Ebert G "Bill" Beeman on the News. 

 Ebert G "Bill" Beeman announces Candidacy. 

 Ebert G "Bill" Beeman talks to staff after the speech. 

 Our Campaign Sign


You can Read the Announcement Speech Here.

Ebert G. "Bill" Beemans Announcement Speech (pdf)


Our Campaign Sign for Print Out

Beeman Campaign Sign (JPG)


Promise made - Promise kept


“I will donate $0.50 to help homeless veterans for every signature this campaign gets for ballot access. “That’s what Ebert G “Bill” Beeman said when the ballot access drive started. Having turned in almost 2000 signatures, today , August 8th, he kept that promise.

Ebert G “Bill” Beeman donated $1000.00 to Chuck Turner at the Veterans Miracle Center, 1573 W 39th St, Erie, PA 16509. “The United States gets involved in a lot of senseless wars it has no reason to be in. Too often when our service men and women come home they don’t get the help they need” said Beeman.

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman meeting with Chuck Turner of the Veterans Miracle Center.

From Left to Right - Chuck Turner of the Veterans Miracle Center, Ebert G "Bill" Beeman, candidate for Congress and Brandon Magoon , campaign manager and Chair of the Libertarian Party of Erie County.

Ebert G "Bill" Beeman  outside the Veterans Miracle Center.

Veterans Miracle Center Erie provides Veterans assistance in the form of basic life necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, housewares and more to Homeless, at risk or low income men and women Veterans in Erie, Crawford, and Venango counties. To qualify for VMCE services, Veterans must provide proof of Veteran status and have a demonstrated need.  The products provided are new, and are provided at no cost to the Veteran. 

The Veterans Miracle Center is always in need of cash donations and volunteers. If you would like to help out this worthy organization, you can click the button below.

Contact the Veterans Miracle Center

Getting on the ballot

Some of the many Ballot Access Petitions we submitted.

We ended up sending in around 50 sheets totaling 2,000 + signatures from all over the district.

Ballot Access Table

This was our Ballot Access Table we ran at in the lobby of the Blasco Library.

Signature Gathering at the Flagship Flea

We had a table at the Flagship Flea Market, in the Independence Hill area.  A big thank you to Scottie Freeman from Fat Lenny's for inviting us.

Signatures from Roar on the Shore

Can you tell we got caught in the rain? It was worth it though.

Out in the Community meeting voters.

Our Ballot Access drive stretched over 4 months. We met a lot of people out in the community.

Week long ballot Access Table

We worked hard getting signatures. Here's another day at the Blasco Library